A Lesson From The Leaves

If you have ever lived in the northeastern states, there a good chance you have been able to enjoy the way the trees change colors in the autumn time. I got to spend a few weeks in Connecticut this fall as the leaves changed from various shades of green to an assortment of yellow, red, maroon, and orange.

One afternoon my teammates and I were journeying down the highway and taking in the view. I could not help but think that it was a shame the trees were not always these bright beautiful colors. However, I remembered that although the trees look the most stunning in the fall, the changing of colors was a sign of the seasons changing. The colors brought an experience of beauty but are also a reminder that there is an end in sight and a death to prepare for.

It is inevitable that each of us will experience many changes in our lives, whether it is letting go of a person, moving locations, or advancing to the next level of education. These changes, although difficult, painful, and can even include suffering, unveil beauty and truth in the process.

When presented with the opportunity to graciously accept change or trials in our lives it is very easy to focus on the negatives or the sacrifices. I remember my sophomore year of college I had to let go of a group of friends and certain lifestyle choices. It was very intimidating and at first, I focused on all of the negative consequences. When I talk to my peers and teenage girls about living a life of love, virtue, and integrity, I am constantly emphasizing that is it necessary to say little no’s for a greater yes. In the moment, those little no’s will feel intimidating but are sometimes necessary for a greater phase in life to begin.

Whether you are a teenager or young adult, you will experience a rollercoaster of changes throughout your lives. There will be multiple opportunities and situations where letting go will be necessary and may even open the door to a new and unexpected opportunity. However, it usually begins with the small, yet pivotal, decisions such as , letting go of friends, relationship, or stage of life. If you feel trapped or stuck because of the fear of the negative consequences, I encourage you to take a lesson from the leaves. There may be pain and suffering, but the beauty to be reveal can only begin if you are willing to let go.

Kayla Stadelman
Kayla Stadelman
Kayla was born and raised in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a teenager, Kayla noticed that many peers lacked a sense of self-worth and self-love. God started to place the pro-life and chastity messages on her heart. She attended Saint Vincent College and graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. During her time in college, she received opportunities to encounter Christ, grow deeper in faith, and get involved in ministry. She became active in leading events for Campus Ministry and served as President for the Respect Life Club. Kayla is excited for the opportunity to serve young people through The Culture Project. She strongly believes all young adults are called to live as authentic living witnesses to faith, beauty, chastity, and human dignity.