I Object To The Objectification Of Men

Young women who know the feeling of someone looking at them like a hungry wolf looks at sheep.

I’ve seen the faces of acknowledgment from middle school girls when I ask if they’ve ever been catcalled.

No matter who you are, you do not want to be used. Sure, the attention that comes with being used may bring happiness for the moment, but in the end, we all search for more because we were created for love and not use.  

Just as women have more to offer the world than a body, are men not the same way? What makes them different? The use and objectification of women are sometimes more noticeable than that of men, sure. However, I’ve read articles that claim that it’s okay to objectify men because we women have had to deal with so much worse.

Why attempt to take down the male race with the same tactics we despise being used on women?

Is that not an injustice to all?

What do we gain from living in a world where men and women are pitted against one another and it becomes a game of who can use whom? Are we just supposed to forget about actually solving the problem and instead give in to the exact mentality we are fighting against?

Is it actually empowering to use somebody?

In no way am I trying to downplay the objectification of women. That’s a real issue that we have to keep fighting against. However, I want to bring to our attention two ways we women may be objectifying men.

Lust After Him

I had a conversation recently with a guy friend who witnessed women looking at a guy and then proceed to speak about how good they thought they would be in bed and what they wanted to do with him. How we speak about people is an outward sign of our interior life. If we find ourselves giving into a “Magic Mike” mentality we can unknowingly participate in this culture of use by acting like objectifying men isn’t wrong.

Emotionally Use Him

Sometimes women think they get a free pass on objectifying men if it’s within their own thoughts. How could this hurt someone who doesn’t even know they are being objectified?

As women, we have the gift of being very in tune with our desire to love. This gift can sometimes seem like a burden when we see a cute guy and our emotions jump from the first date to proposal, to wedding in .5 seconds. It’s not wrong to appreciate the beauty of a man, but once we cross that line and use him to play this “role” in our daydreams are we actually thinking about the person as a whole or are we “using” him to feel this emotional closeness?

Is that any better than lusting after someone with our words or eyes? A lot more can be said on this topic of emotional chastity and if you would like to read more, check out this great article!

In the end, when we choose to objectify one another, we all lose.

“The ultimate test of your greatness is the way you treat every human being” -St. John Paul II.

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Hannah Gutierrez
Hannah Gutierrez
Originally from Florida, HANNAH GUTIERREZ attended St. John’s University in Queens, NY to study journalism. After completing her sophomore year, she transferred to Ave Maria University to be better formed in mind and soul and in 2013, she graduated with a degree in Theology. She loves her loud Puerto Rican family that includes four beautiful sisters. She enjoys exploring new places through their food- especially desserts. Hannah will never turn down an opportunity to dance or shop. She is excited to be part of this mission of authentic love! She has big dreams of living in a world where all women see their beauty and goodness.