Just Do It

Our culture tells us many things about the human body. Organic greens are good for it, physical fitness is healthy and fun, and rest is essential. We should groom it, feed it, love it. Our culture also tells us what we should do with our body. We should work it out, dress it with cool clothes, and use it to do a myriad of other things. Some of these things are neutral or good, like studying, playing sports, sledding in the wintertime or swimming in the summer. Other things our culture weighs in on, especially when we enter the realm of love and romance, are not so good, and sometimes these things can even be harmful to our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls.

As human beings, we are wonderfully created to do. We are endowed with hands to touch and build, feet to run and dance, arms to hold and carry, a beautiful face to see, react, and speak. Because our bodies can do all these wondrous things, it is tempting to think that my body is exclusively for me, to make me feel good. However, our bodies were created to do so that we can give of ourselves to others. Ultimately, the purpose of our doing, the purpose of our body, is love.  

When it comes to love and romance, the materialistic culture we live in thwarts the way we understand what it means to love with our body. Though our culture might advertise that our bodies are just vehicles for pleasure and sexual gratification, our bodies are made for so much more than merely feeling good. We are created to do things with our bodies because we are made for greatness and sacrificial love. And we are able to express such love with our bodies, we just need to learn how to do this in the right way.

Most especially, our bodies should always be used to express love when we pursue the virtue of chastity. Chaste love does not say I want your mind and your heart, your dreams, and your thoughts, but not your beautiful body until we get married. Real sacrificial love says I want all of you and I love all of you right now, I just need to love in the right way, and that includes how I love your beautiful body. Even more, the chaste loving we do should extend beyond hugs and kisses; it should incorporate our innate creative intensities.

Every day we should love freely and purely with our bodies. Go love someone today by doing something for them. Write a letter, sweep the floor, shoot some hoops, bake a cake, talk for awhile, or pick up a bouquet of flowers. Be creative. Love with your body. When we do this in the right way, we will live out what it means to be human. The human body is made for doing because the human person is made for love. Use your body to fulfill its purpose, that is love, and the sacrifices you make for others will manifest this fierce, authentic love in your relationships and then in the world.

Lauren Roach
Lauren Roach
Lauren Roach hails from Madison, WI where she graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 2016 with degrees in History and Religious Studies. After encountering the beauty and depth of the Catholic faith in college, Lauren discovered a passion to serve others and share the message that all people are called to a life of love and joy. When she’s not reading or playing ultimate frisbee, you can find her cheering on Badger basketball, seeking out the world’s best slice of bacon, and going on all sorts of adventures.