My Brothers, We Need You: A Call to Action.

My Brothers, We Need You: A Call to Action. #MeToo is your movement too.

To my dear brothers,

For the past month, I and millions of others have scrolled down our various feeds reading testimony after testimony of courageous and brave women stepping forward to share their stories. Stories of hurt, trial, and suffering. I like many, exit my screen feeling broken hearted and scared for what our world has become. For what WE as humans have become.

In our culture today, we have seen all too easily how when men use their strength to grasp at the expense of another, it not only harms him, but it also affects the heart and souls of others. And specifically, in regards to the #MeToo movement, it has shown how the strength of a man through the lens of lust can deeply affect the heart of a woman. This has played out too many times in our culture time and time again. Today our world has the tendency to generalize upon the few who have chosen to use their strength in order to grasp, but on the flip side, I want to bring to light how men also have the capability within them to use their strength to protect, provide, and serve in ways that can heal the heart of a woman.

What other man to look to other than our boy St. Joseph?

“Joseph teaches us that it is possible to love without possessing. In contemplating Joseph, all men and women can, by God’s grace, come to experience healing from their emotional wounds, if only they embrace the plan that God has begun to bring about in those close to him, just as Joseph entered into the work of redemption through Mary and as a result of what God had already done in her.” — Pope Benedict XVI

Mary NEEDED Joseph to use his strength to protect and provide for her. Whether it was to prepare the way for Jesus’ birth or to provide for a healthy upbringing.  Joseph did not use his strength out of pride, but out of service to make room for the Lord to work.

My dear brothers, I have never felt so propelled to say that: you are made GOOD. You are made strong.

“You were not born with a cowardly spirit, but rather one that makes you strong.” (Be a Man.” | Father Larry Richards)

As a sister, I know that you are meant for and capable of heroic love in a way that only a man can provide. No matter your past or your present, your masculinity is wanted and needed. We need men who are strong of heart, who are going to use their strength in virtue in order to uphold the dignity of your sisters, family, and friends. We need men who are confident in their character and in who they are.

All this to say, you have ALL of this within you.

I have faith in your goodness. I have faith in your strength. I have faith in your ability to rise to the occasion and lead. With your strength, you have the ability to impact the heart of a woman in a such a profound way. We women need you. Don’t ever think otherwise.

Krista Ingrilli
Krista Ingrilli
Krista Ingrilli is a Florida girl with an avid love for all things outdoors. She has been an athlete her entire life and loves to find parallels between her faith and sports. With her immense passion for the youth and, with a personal testimony, Krista finds her heart in advocating the message of living a life of virtue. She spends her time exploring the crunchy side of life, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and dancing to every song that she claims is her favorite (hint: every song is her favorite). When not powerlifting, she can often be found in her hammock along side her pet kitty Prim, reading the works of C.S. Lewis, whilst eating a chocolate chip cookie…or two.
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